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The Cambridges on their way to school

6 Royal Rules the Cambridge Kids Have to Follow

Being born a prince or princess isn’t all tea parties and ponies. William and Kate’s kids–George, Charlotte, and Louis–are expected to follow Royal protocol from birth. Here’s just a taste of the rules.

Girls Must Curtsy

As the highest-ranking Royal, the Queen bows to no one. However, the lower-ranked women in the Royal Family must all curtsy to the Queen the first time they see her each day. That includes Princess Charlotte.

Papers, Please

Even though they’re some of the most famous faces in the world, all Royals are required to have passports and driver’s licenses. Royal babies are issued a passport the moment they’re born. That allows them to travel abroad with their parents on goodwill tours such as the one that the Sussexes did in Africa when Archie was a baby.

Mandatory Baptism

All members of the Royal Family are part of the Church of England, of which the Queen is the head. Any children must get baptized–by the Archbishop of Canterbury, no less. Babies are also supposed to wear the Honiton christening gown, which Queen Victoria’s first child wore. Archie wore a replica for his christening since the original garment is falling apart from age, however.

Fashion Rules

Ever notice how well-dressed the young Princes and Princess are all the time? That’s no accident. The younger boys almost always wear shorts in public, while the girls wear dresses or skirts. At least Princess Charlotte won’t have to start wearing hose until she’s older–although that fashion rule is slowly changing among the more modern Royals.

Royals aren’t supposed to wear black to daytime events, either. The only exception is if the color is part of a military uniform. Otherwise, black is for mourning events only. However, they all travel with an appropriate black outfit in case they need it.

Intensive Training

The young Cambridges will be brought up learning formal etiquette for their future roles as Working Royals. Essentially, they receive job training at the same time other kids are going to preschool. They’re taught how to use the correct forks at dinner and how to correctly address dignitaries, among many other lessons.

In addition, the kids are expected to learn a second language and become fluent in it. Kate is tutoring the kids in Spanish, although the older generation of Royals preferred French.

Get That Crab Out of Here!

No one in the Royal Family is allowed to eat shellfish. That might sound bizarre, but there’s a good reason for it. Shellfish is the most common source of food poisoning, and the absolute last thing anyone wants is for a Prince or Princess to get sick at dinner.


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