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Lady Jemima Herbert and Hugo Davies

A Noble Summer Wedding: Lady Jemima Herbert Weds Hugo Davies

After two postponements, the daughter of the 17th Earl of Pembroke, Lady Jemima married insurance broker Hugo Davies on Friday, August 20th at St. Mary and St. Nicholas’ Church in Wilton. The couple announced their engagement in January 2019. The wedding took place on the grounds of Wilton House, the family seat, located in Wiltshire.

Classic Style

Wilton House, the Pembroke family seat for over 450 years, is an example of classic Palladian architecture. Just like her home, the dress Lady Jemima wore for her wedding ceremony was also an example of a classic style.

Featuring a high ruffle-neck and long sleeves, it was very modest in the front, coordinating with the beautiful setting of the ceremony. To complement the dress, Lady Jemima wore her family’s stunning Pembroke sapphire and diamond tiara, which hadn’t been worn for a wedding in 11 years.

Festival Vibes

After the ceremony, the celebration continued on the Wilton grounds. The second phase of the wedding was fit for a glamorous society couple at the front of fashion. The new couple hosted a festival-like party in the woods featuring a DJ, hay bales, tepee-style tents, and strings of lights.

For this phase of the wedding festivities, Lady Jemima changed out of her modest gown and into a flowing white silk crop top and skirt ensemble. She let her hair down to match the aesthetic and for comfort.

Inside the tepee-style tents, tables were laid for the wedding meal — but they weren’t ordinary tables with ordinary settings. The bride herself designed the tablescape, which is also her business. She founded Lay London, a luxury tablescaping rental company, with her sister, Lady Alice.

Society Connections

Before the big day, Lady Alice helped Lady Jemima throw an elaborate hen party (a bachelorette party isn’t really aristocratic, is it?) with a “Legally Blonde” theme. The glamorous society girl and her friends wore hot pink accessories for a day out in London. The group posted photos of themselves enjoying rooftop drinks and celebrating at the Ham Yard Hotel.

At both the hen party and wedding was Lady Kitty Spencer, niece of Princess Diana and cousin to Prince William and Harry. Only a year younger than the 31-year-old bride, Lady Kitty took plenty of photos of the celebrations. Lady Kitty herself recently married a South African millionaire in a celebration where she wore several custom Dolce & Gabanna gowns.

Lady Jemima’s wedding certainly stirred up some good publicity for Lay London, but the gorgeous tablescapes were only one part of her elaborate and elegant wedding that won’t be forgotten any time soon!

Mary Lee Ptacek

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