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Princess Beatrice and Edoardo

Beatrice Quietly Married at Windsor–Was Andrew There?

In surprising news, Princess Beatrice announced that she and fiancé Edoardo Mappelli Mozzi married on Friday morning. Read on for all the details!

A Small Ceremony with Friends and Family

After all the drama leading up to their marriage, it makes sense that Bea (31) and Edo (37) just wanted to get it over with. We’d suggested that they should elope to Italy, where Edo’s family has an estate. They opted for a socially distant ceremony at Windsor Castle instead.

That’s where her “Granny,” Queen Elizabeth, has been isolating, along with Prince Philip. Both are in their 90s and therefore among the highest risk group for COVID-19. They made the three-mile trip from the castle itself to All Saints Chapel in Great Windsor Park.

Sadly, we don’t have photos of her dress or any info on a designer. And, even worse, we don’t know whether she wore a tiara! Those of us who love Royal jewels are feeling a little disappointed today. If we do get official photos on the RF’s social media, you’ll be the first to know!

Why Now, and Why Windsor?

Given how long it’s taken these two to arrive at the altar, we were curious about why they’d decided to pull the trigger now. It turns out that the Queen is planning to leave Windsor Castle at the end of the month.

An anonymous insider told The Sun that “a massive wedding was out of the question because of coronavirus. They were obviously very keen for the Queen to come so the wedding had to happen before she goes up to Balmoral so this was a great opportunity.”

“So many guests were disappointed not to make the big day but understood the reason for it. They needed to make the wedding Covid-secure and safe for the Queen so what better way than the All Saints Chapel with reception on site at the Royal Lodge. They are just like a normal family and had to make sacrifices like many others have up and down the country and looking forward to having a wonderful celebration when the time is right.”

That definitely does not read like a prepared PR statement. I’m sure it’s just one of Beatrice’s friends, talking like a normal human being, to one of the biggest gossip magazines in the UK.

Was Andrew There?

In short, yes. Andrew did attend his daughter’s wedding. Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson was also there. Gossip rags are reporting that Beatrice stayed overnight at the Royal Lodge with her parents and then walked to the nearby church.

The Sun helpfully pointed out that this is the first time Andrew has seen his mum in a while. Specifically, “It is the first time Andrew has been with the Queen since before lockdown and arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell.” Wonder if they talked about that during the reception?

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