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Duchess of Cambridge at garden centre

Duchess Kate Zooms with School Kids, Makes First Public Appearance

Working Royals have a bit of leeway to choose patronages and public engagements that match their interests. For the Duchess of Cambridge, those interests have always been children, mental health, and gardening.

Kate managed to cover all her bases this week with a Zoom call to the Oak National Academy and an appearance at the Fakenham Garden Centre in Norfolk.

Kate Talks Kindness

In the video released by Oak National Academy, Kate gives a speech about kindness and looking out for each other. (Special recognition to the every expressive Sign Language translator in the video!)

Kate talks about how negative feelings and frustration can be difficult, but that they won’t last forever. She encourages the kids to talk to family, teachers, or their peers.

“But as we help others, we must not forget to nurture ourselves,” Kate says. She then checks in at a group of painfully adorable kids at the Waterloo Primary Academy. You can tell that Kate loves kids and is used to talking to her own flock of little ones.

But seriously, the MVP of the video is this translator. He’s great!

Kate doesn’t exactly break new ground in the video–“be kind to each and help your parents” isn’t world-altering advice. However, these kids will no doubt fondly remember the day the future Queen of England took the time to talk to them.

Some of the kids also contributing photos to her “Hold Still” contest, in partnership with the National Gallery. So that’s at least three of her pet projects rolled into a single 10-minute Zoom call. Not bad, Kate. Not bad.

First Appearance in 3 Months–But No Mask!

Kate’s last public event happened almost exactly three months ago in March. (Yes, March was just three months ago.) She visited the Fakenham Garden Centre in Norfolk, the county where Amner Hall is situated.

The visit was supposed to highlight small, local businesses as they reopen to the public. However, Kate has caught some criticism for not wearing a mask. To be fair, the garden centre is outdoors. But still, it’s up to leaders to set a good example for everyone else.

Kate chatted briefly with the garden centre owners while observing social distancing. She joked that everyone is buying herbs these days and talked about her kids’ tomato plants. It was all very wholesome and light.

She also complained briefly about how people are behaving during the pandemic in a remark that did not go over very well with the public. “When we do our food shopping we notice that everyone keeps their head down and it’s hard for that social interaction,” Kate said.

Perhaps it’s because everyone is stressed out by the whole pandemic thing? Or that the rest of us are wearing masks that make it hard to breathe, let alone make small talk with passing Royalty?

We’re actually quite fond of Duchess Kate around here, but it’s frustrating when she and William make offhand remarks or “jokes” that come across as tone-deaf. They should be better at this by now.


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