Royally Devoted

Epstein Victims Ask Joe Biden to Pursue Prince Andrew “Aggressively”

The victims of accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein want Prince Andrew pursued “more aggressively” under President Joe Biden.

Lisa Bloom, the lawyer who represents five victims, said she hoped justice would be achieved after Biden and VP Kamala Harris, a former prosecutor, is sworn in. 

“I do have hope that the Biden-Harris administration will be more aggressive in standing with victims of sexual assault,” Bloom said. 

“It is essential that Prince Andrew cooperate with authorities, as he said he would, so that they can fully investigate him and all others accused of enabling prolific predator Jeffrey Epstein.” 

Spencer Kuvin, who has represented several Epstein victims for over a decade, added, “The lead prosecutors are the ones that will have control over the speed and enforcement of this prosecution. 

“These US Attorneys are appointed by the administration. We hope that President-Elect Biden will pick a strong new Attorney General who understands the history of this case.” 

Karen Spensley

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