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Gold Horse Comb and Baby Lederhosen: The Royal Family Reveals Every Gift They Got in 2019

One of the perks of being a member of the Royal Family is that, wherever you go, people give you gifts. The downsides are that, 1.) you have to pretend to really, really like it and 2.) you have to put all that stuff somewhere.

Can you imagine if the Queen was caught regifting a trinket given to her by a world leader? The official rules state that gifts can’t be sold or given away. Instead, they become part of the Royal Collection.

As part of an effort to be more transparent, Buckingham Palace publishes a list of gifts received by the Royal Family each year. The 2019 list just hit the internet, and there is some weird stuff on there.

We’ve curated some of the highlights, but you can view the full list at the Royal Family’s official website!

Gold-Plated Horse Comb

Ever bought yourself something–a cute little cat figurine or a picture of a mermaid–and suddenly everybody gives you cats or mermaids for every birthday? Queen Elizabeth has that problem with horses. We all know that Her Maj loves horses. So when faced with the problem of getting a diplomatic gift for the woman who literally owns everything, many people give her horse-related things.

Last year, President Borut Pahor of Slovenia gifted her with a 24k gold-plated horse comb. Gifts are not permitted to be too extravagant, in case they could be seen as a bribe. Only in the Queen’s universe is a gold-plated horse comb not considered a luxury.

Did Trump Give Too Much?

On his official visit to the UK last June, Donald and Melania Trump presented Elizabeth and Philip with multiple gifts. The list included a Tiffany & Co. poppy brooch, a magnolia wood jewelry box, a tooled leather box with a 24k gold Presidential Seal, and an Air Force One jacket signed by WWII commander James Doolittle.

It’s much more common for the Queen to receive books, native handcrafts, photographs, or small trinkets. Hilariously, the very next entry on the Queen’s gift list following the Trumps’ gifts is “Painting of a swimming pig.” I desperately want to see that.

So Many Gifts for the Kids

When Archie went to Africa with his parents last year, the baby received 17 total gifts. The list included children’s books from Archbishop Desmond Tutu and stuffed animals. Charles and Camilla also picked up more than 30 gifts for their youngest grandchild while visiting Germany. And yes, that did include a tiny pair of baby lederhosen.

Royal Tours Mean Tons of Swag

Every time members of the Royal Family visit other countries, they take home dozens of gifts. Many of those gifts are traditional crafts or garments from the people of that nation. Kate scored a ton of perfume, hats, scarves, and shoes while touring Pakistan last year.

Charles and William both received ceremonial weapons while on their Royal tours. Prince Charles scored a war club called a hatu from the parliament of the Solomon Islands to go with his Maori tewhatewha from New Zealand. William brought home a ceremonial axe from his jaunt through Kuwait and Oman.


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