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Harry and Meghan Welcome Lilibet Diana! What’s Next?

By now, you’ve heard the news that Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan welcomed a baby girl to their family. They named their daughter Lilibet Diana–Lili for short. But what’s in a name? Will Lilibet ever be a big sister, and when will she get to meet her cousins, aunt and uncle, and the great-grandmother for whom she was named?

Lilibet Pays (Cheeky) Tribute to the Queen

First, the name. Everyone expected that Harry and Meghan would choose to honor Diana in some way. Harry has made it clear that his late mother is one of the biggest inspirations in his life and giving his daughter that name makes total sense. It might have been nice if Doria, Meghan’s mom, had also gotten a tribute. Diana Doria has a nice ring, doesn’t it?

So what about Lilibet? Royal watchers will recognize the unusual name as Queen Elizabeth’s family nickname. The story goes that when she was a small child, Elizabeth struggled to pronounce her four-syllable name. “Lilibet” was as close as the toddler could get, and her grandfather–George V–thought it was so charming that it soon became her nickname.

Although her family called Elizabeth by her nickname when she was younger, it is reportedly not a name used by her descendants. The last person in her life to call her Lilibet was Prince Philip.

We don’t know if Harry and Meghan asked permission to name their daughter Lilibet or if they simply informed the palace after the fact. Either way, they plan to call her Lili.

Two Is the Limit for Harry and Meghan

The Sussexes confirmed that their family is now complete, according to multiple sources. After suffering a devastating miscarriage last summer, the duke and duchess are beyond thrilled to welcome their youngest child. However, they don’t plan on following in the Cambridges’ footsteps by having more children.

In a 2019 interview with famed naturalist Jane Goodall, Harry and Meghan stated that they planned to have just two children for environmental reasons. They seem to be content with their little family. Both Archie and Lili will grow up in the United States and almost certainly speak with American accents. They’re surrounded by the support of their parents, Meghan’s mom, and the couple’s friends.

And it’s likely to stay that way. The Sussexes reportedly have no plans to travel to the UK at this time. They allegedly video-called the Queen to introduce her to baby Lili, but it’s doubtful that they’ll be flying with two small children to see Harry’s semi-estranged family. If they do decide to visit, it’ll most likely be during the holidays. However, given the ongoing stories about the rift between Harry and the Royal Family, it’s not anywhere close to certain.

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