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How These Royals Are Helping Charities During the Pandemic

It turns out that most Royals are working from home these days. In fact, their efforts to support charities and bring awareness to various causes might actually have more reach than ever thanks to video conferencing and social media. Here’s what the younger Royals have been doing to help during the coronavirus pandemic.

William and Kate

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are doing video calls from Amner Hall in Norfolk. And honestly? They’ve been a delight. Kate in particular is so much more relaxed when she’s able to be at home in more casual clothing.

In their most recent video, they spoke about mental health as part of the “Every Mind Matters” campaign. They also offered some tips for managing your mental health during the pandemic:

  1. Daily routines & set yourself goals – even small ones can help with structure
  2. Look after your body; try to eat healthy, drink water & exercise regularly
  3. Try [sic] maintain a regular sleeping pattern
  4. Do things you enjoy or try learning something new
  5. Stay connected with friends & family via telephone & video calls, or social media
  6. Talk about your worries with someone you trust, or try a helpline
  7. Acknowledge difficult feelings and try and manage unhelpful thoughts
  8. Try and find time to relax, and try simple relaxation techniques
  9. Keep your mind active. Read, write, play games, do crossword puzzles, drawing, cooking and painting

“We felt very strongly that now more than ever this was a vital tool and a vital service that people could easily access at home to guide them and give them just some very basic tips to mind their mental health, to mind their mental wellbeing through this process,” said William in the video. Check it out below!

Harry and Meghan

In Los Angeles, Harry and Meghan are still trying to find their footing as non-Royals. They’ve been involved in a few different charity video calls, benefiting both American and the UK.

Meghan recently came out in support of the Hubb Community Kitchen, which is part of the Food for London Now charity. She participated in a Zoom conference call with the organization and later praised them for their work in ensuring that at-risk people in London are getting enough to eat.

Meanwhile, Harry did a video chat with representatives from WellChild. He’s been a patron of the organization for years. You can see his video below:

Together, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are also volunteering with Project Angel Food in LA. They’re delivering meals to vulnerable people. One of the recipients spoke to The Daily Mirror and said, “They had masks on, and they were dressed down with jeans, but very nice jeans… I thought that tall red-headed guy looked pretty familiar, and that girl was very pretty. Then I saw the large black SUVs with the security guards behind them. If they had given me the heads up, I would have worn my tiara.”

Sweden’s Princess Sofia

Sweden is handling the coronavirus pandemic in their own way, refusing to do any kind of wide-spread lockdown or social distancing effort. It’s a bold choice, and only time will tell if they made the right call.

Princess Sofia (wife of Prince Carl Phillip) took a 3-day medical course to be able to help at a hospital in Stockholm. She’s not just posing for pictures–Sofia will actually be working on the front lines alongside doctors and nurses.

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