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Imagine This: The Queen’s Dentist Becomes a Knight

When someone graduates from Dental School and gets the designation of doctor, they probably think this is their biggest title. After all, you’re a doctor. What more respect could you possibly ask for? Well, one dentist got a lot more than he expected at the end of his career.

Nicholas Sturridge was the Surgeon-Dentist to the Queen for a number of years, and worked closely with all of the members of the royal family. This includes check-ups, major surgery, implants, and more. If the Queen or the royals needed dental work done, they went to Sturridge.

At the end of his career with the royal family, in 2007, the Queen bestowed on him an even greater gift – that of knighthood. It’s incredibly rare to be given knighthood anymore, and while it’s only a formal title… it’s still pretty great.

While Sturridge retired from the Queen’s duty, he still worked in his central London practice with his daughter, who is also a dentist. Can you imagine having to address your dentist as Sir, because he’s technically been knighted by the Queen herself?!


Mary Newman

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