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Prince George at 7 years old

Kate Shares New Photo of Prince George on His Birthday

Can you believe Prince George is seven years old! I mean, time has no meaning anymore, but still. His mother shared a brand-new candid photograph of the young Royal in honor of his birthday.

Looking Back on His Birthday

George was born on July 22, 2013, at St Mary’s Hospital in London. That’s where his father was born on June 21, 1982. (George, William, and Diana are all Cancers, if you’re curious, while Prince Charles is a Scorpio. Oh, and the Queen’s a Taurus!)

It’s traditional for Royal parents to bring the baby outside on the hospital steps so that the people can get a look at the newest member of the family. It’s worth noting that Kate chose to wear a blue-and-white polka dot dress that recalled Diana’s green polka dot gown from when she introduced William to the world.

However, unlike his father, William wore a relaxed button-down shirt and pants–not a suit.

He Looks JUST Like His Dad!

Although Charlotte takes after her mom, William looks so much like his dad. George has even worn some of William’s hand-me-downs, including an iconic red-and-white outfit that makes them look more like twins.

William and George

Spooky, right? George is the one on the left!

With his sandy hair and gap-toothed grin, George is the spitting image of his father at the same age. Whether he’ll eventually take on more Middletonian features is hard to say.

The photo of George seems to have been taken the same day that Kate snapped candid photos of William and the kids for his birthday. It’s not the most exciting shot–you probably wouldn’t put it on your fridge–but his cheeky personality shines through here. He looks so much more at ease than in the formal portrait with his father, grandfather, and great-grandmother released by Buckingham Palace last year.

Hopefully, George will get to enjoy many more carefree summers with his family before he has to shoulder the responsibilities of being the future King of England.

His Place in Royal Succession

Did you know that the rules of Royal succession were changed for William and Kate’s first child? Until then, the rule was clear: Boys are worth more than girls in the line of succession. However, a last-minute change meant that no matter the gender of the next Royal baby, they’d be the heir to the throne.

Of course, William and Kate had a boy anyway. But if Charlotte had been born first, she’d be #3 in line for the throne. Currently, the order of succession is Charles, then William, then George.

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