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Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla Trolled by ‘The Crown’ Fans

The Crown is having an impact on the real lives of the British royals despite being a work of fiction. 

 The Daily Mail reports that Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla’s @ClarenceHouse Twitter account has had to restrict comments in the wake of hate from people who watched this season of The CrownWhich features Charles cheating on Princess Diana with Camilla and doesn’t paint Camilla in a very flattering light. 

Comments on Charles and Camilla’s recent tweets have been limited, and a message now appears that says “People @ClarenceHouse follows or mentioned can reply.” 

On the couple’s Instagram, you can get an idea of what they’re dealing with. The comments are flooded with people supporting the late Princess Diana, though it looks like negative comments about Camilla herself have been kept to a minimum. 

As The Crown makes abundantly clear, the way Princess Diana was treated by Prince Charles and the rest of the royal family was inexcusable. But targeting Camilla based on what’s portrayed on a fictional TV show even though it is based on real people just isn’t right. 

Karen Spensley

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