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Prince William’s Relationships with Charles and William Under a Microscope

As the future King of England, Prince William has always lived in the spotlight. From his sad, lonely walk behind his mother’s casket, through his teen idol days and now as the affable family man, William’s life is fair game to journalists and Royal watchers.

With that having been said, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the Windsors are real people, not just characters in a soap opera. As eager as we are to know what goes on behind the closed doors of Buckingham Palace or Amner Hall, the Royal Family is still, fundamentally, a family. One with wealth and power that few will ever experience, but a family nonetheless.

Two stories emerged this week in the Royal gossip sphere, both focused on William’s relationships with his immediate family. According to insiders, William has grown closer with his father as they’ve gotten older; meanwhile, the rift between William and Harry has only widened.

Charles and William Repair Relationship

For years, we’d heard that there were tensions between Prince Charles and Prince William. One rumor held that William couldn’t forgive his father for cheating on Diana. Another insisted that Charles was disappointed in William as the heir to the throne.

The new story is that Charles and William are closer than ever–in part because they only have each other now that Harry abandoned them. The photo above, taken by Duchess Kate, seems to show the genuine affection between father and son.

According to journalist Katie Nicholl, who is firmly on Team Cambridge, “there is a sense that William has not only forgiven him for the mistakes of the past, but also woken up to the fact his father has been as much of a positive influence as Diana, the late Princess of Wales.”

New Book Alleges that William and Harry May Never Reconcile

Royal historian Robert Lacey has a new book about William and Harry coming out in October. The book is titled Battle of Brothers: William and Harry – the Friendship and the Feuds. It promises to be a closer look at the rift between the princes.

“The book explores conflicts that emerge as a result of the heir and the spare dynamic that permeates British aristocracy, and claims that the ‘seeds of damage were sown’ when William and Harry’s parents’ marriage unravelled,” according to the Daily Mail.

The Mail also suggests that Kate and Meghan played major roles in the split. The insinuation seems to be that the women did not get along, forcing the brothers to take sides? The narrative from palace insiders has always been that William encouraged Harry to reconsider his courtship of Meghan.

We can’t truly know how the members of the Royal Family feel about each other. Not unless they tell us directly. All the “insiders” quoted by gossip rags are likely to be courtiers from one camp or another. Each intent on furthering their own aims. You should always take Royal gossip with a grain of salt.

As much as we love to speculate about them–and don’t worry, we aren’t going to quit doing that anytime soon–it’s all basically fan fiction.


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