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Princess Anne Gets Candid for Her 70th Birthday

Princess Anne turns 70 in August, and to mark the occasion she’s participating in a documentary about her life. The 90-minute film Princess Royal: Anne at 70 will be airing soon in the UK. Here’s what we can expect from the documentary–and a few things we hope she’ll dish about.

Who Is Princess Anne?

As the Queen’s only daughter, Anne occupies a unique place in the Royal family. She was once 2nd in line for the throne, but because of order of succession favoring male children at the time, Anne is now 14th. However, she works harder than anyone else. In fact, she does more engagements each year than several of the younger Royals combined.

Anne most often attends formal events, such as Trooping the Colour, in her dashing uniform as an honorary real admiral. She’s also fond of riding alongside her family’s carriage on horseback. The Princess Royal is an accomplished equestrian who won several medals in European sports contests, as well as being the first British Royal to compete in the Olympics.

She married Captain Mark Phillips in 1973, but they separated in 1989. They had two children, Peter Phillips and Zara Tindall, whom they chose not to give Royal titles. Anne married Sir Timothy Laurence, her mother’s equerry, in 1992.

The Infamous Kidnapping Attempt

The producers of the documentary promise that the princess will talk “frankly” about the armed kidnapping attempt she fended off in 1974. It’s truly a wild story, and I don’t want to spoil it for you in case you’ve never heard it and want to watch the documentary fresh.

Suffice to say, Anne was held at gunpoint and kept her calm despite multiple people getting shot in the incident. Anne is tough.

Princess Anne at Home

According to People, the documentary crew followed Anne for about a year to give us an unprecedented look into her life. According to the magazine, “Her Ladies in Waiting admit that they struggle to keep up with her relentless pace while her charities reveal a passionate patron who keeps everyone on their toes.”

We already knew Anne is a hard worker with a no-nonsense attitude. But we’ll also see her at home in Gloucestershire with her husband, affectionately called Sir Tim, as well as interacting with her children and grandchildren.

A similar documentary focused on Prince Charles at 70, and it was a great success. We hope to see something like that with Anne. She’s got a notoriously dry sense of humor and suffers no fools–remember when she was caught rolling her eyes at Trump? Anne is an old-school, keep-calm-and-carry-on British princess who could show the younger generation a thing or two.

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