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Ranking the Royals Who Work the Hardest

Working Royals, those members of the House of Windsor who perform public engagements and charity fundraising efforts, need to prove that they earn their keep in the UK. Since the Royal Family is taxpayer funded, the public demands to see the receipts at the end of each year.

Who are the hardest-working Royals? You might be surprised!

How We Crunched the Numbers

There are two ways of looking at how hard the Royal Family works. You can either count up the total number of engagements each of them carried out, or you can look at the number of days they actively worked during the year. We relied on the engagements to rank the Royals, but it’s interesting to see both numbers side by side.

Tim O’Donovan, an 87-year-old Englishman, has been totting up the total number of engagements for every member of the Royal Family for the last 40 years. He uses the official Court Circular to track the engagements and then sends that number to the Times of London. It’s an odd hobby, but a useful one for Royal watchers like us!

“It’s not a competition. I just think it’s important for people to know how much the Royal Family do,” Mr O’Donovan told the Daily Mail this year.

It might not be a competition, but we’re still going to rank the Royals anyway!

8. Duchess Meghan

83 engagements, 31 days

Meghan was on maternity leave for a large part of the year and then took off 6 weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. She’ll need to show a bigger commitment to the Royal Family next year, however, to avoid being ranked last again.

7. Duchess Kate

126 engagements, 68 days

The Duchess of Cambridge is often criticized for not doing enough–but, to be fair, she has 4 young children to wrangle. We’ll see if her ranking among the hardest-working Royals changes as the kids get older.

7. Prince Harry

201 engagements, 70 days

Somehow, Harry managed to work more days than his grandmother and yet did almost 100 fewer engagements.

6. Prince William

220 engagements, 74 days

William has received plenty of criticism for being “work-shy” in the past, but he seems to have increased his number of engagements and working days in 2019.

5. Prince Andrew

274 engagements, 90 days

Before being “fired” as a working member of the family, Prince Andrew was on track to be one of the more active Royals.

4. Queen Elizabeth II

295 engagements, 67 days

At 93-years-old, the Queen is still going strong. Even after cutting back on her official duties, she still works harder than the younger Royals.

3. Prince Edward

308 engagements, 81 days

Although he is not a particularly high-profile member of the House of Windsor, the Queen’s youngest son is one of the hardest-working Royals.

2. Princess Anne

506 engagements, 165 days worked

Although the Princess Royal put in more total working days than any other member of her family for the third year in a row, she lagged behind her older brother in terms of engagements this year.

1. Prince Charles

521 engagements, 125 days worked

Prince Charles has been stepping up his number of engagements for several years as he gradually takes over more duties from the Queen.


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