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Royal Family Sends Confusing Mixed Messages

If there’s one thing that’s true about many people, they can sometimes do one thing publicly, while doing something entirely different behind the scenes. And the royal family is no exception!

Sometimes the mixed messages can be confusing, especially when you might carry a great deal of influence and responsibility over a population.

Here are a few times that the royal family most definitely sent mixed messages to the public.

Queen Elizabeth Leaves Harry and Meghan Out

Even though it was believed that things might be going well between the Queen and Prince Harry, he and Meghan were reportedly angry about the mixed messages she sent before their exit.

One of which involved a “line of succession” portrait she took with Charles, William, and George that left out Harry and Meghan. She also didn’t feature any photos of the couple during her Christmas address.

Princess Diana’s Marriage to Prince Charles

If you’ve been watching season four of The Crown, one thing is pretty obvious. Prince Charles didn’t want to marry Princess Diana, and instead was in love with Camilla Parker Bowles.

But in public, he pretended to show love for Diana, while behind the scenes, he was cheating with Camilla.

The Jeffrey Epstein Case and Prince Andrew

Controversy arose when the friendship between Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew became known. As a result, Andrew stepped back from his royal role and pledged to help with ongoing investigations while publicly denouncing Epstein.

However, he allegedly hasn’t been all that helpful, and isn’t cooperating as promised.

Not Always Wearing Masks

After William became ill in April after Prince Charles did the same, Will and Kate knew firsthand how important it is to wear masks, especially in the public.

Also, there have been a few occasions where they were spotted not wearing masks, appearing at several engagements without doing so. This sends a mixed message to their citizens about proper health and safety.

A Camera-Friendly Façade

Despite her problems at home, Princess Diana always put on a camera-friendly face, which confused her young son, Prince William. He reportedly didn’t like seeing her put on a face, pretending that she and his father were getting along, or that he was encouraged to do the same.

Harry and Meghan, Financially Independent?

When Harry and Meghan made their big exit speech, they mentioned how they wanted to be financially independent from the royal family. However, they immediately began to rely on Prince Charles to help pay for their security costs after Canada stopped doing so for them.


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