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Royal Roundup: Harry & Meghan Take a Stand, Andrew Loses Trust, and More

Welcome back, fellow Royal Watchers! Today’s post was going to be all about Prince Andrew’s continued fall, but you know what? He’s taken up enough space. We’ll dive into a quick update on Andrew’s charitable trust shenanigans, but first, let’s talk about what Harry and Meghan are doing these days.

New Bombshell from ‘Finding Freedom’ Released

We’re still a couple months away from “Finding Freedom,” the first authorized biography of Harry and Meghan. The Sun is reporting that we’ll be finding out some very interesting details about the Sussexes.

For one thing, they were talking about leaving England before they got married. A source told the tabloid, “The book will explore the journey that Meghan and Harry went through in coming to the conclusion that they did. It will make clear that far from it being a snap decision that they took a long time to make it. The seeds of Megxit were sown before they even got married. The truth is that Harry had been deeply unhappy for a long time. And he and Meghan openly discussed going in a different direction well before they got married.”

We’ve also heard about a possible reason why the Sussexes left ahead of their planned timeline. Dan Wootton, a journalist with The Sun, allegedly had an inside line to the Royal Family. The story is that Wootton paid roughly $5000 to the partner of Christian Jones for the leaked story. At the time, Jones was the press secretary for Harry and Meghan; he has since moved on to work for William and Kate.

Is that fishy? It seems fishy to me. There’s a lot of dots, and a lot of ways to connect those dots. Some of them lead back to the Cambridges, but nobody is straight-up saying that William and Kate approved the leak or were involved in any way.

Prince Andrew’s Trust to Close Down

You might not know that many of the British Royals operate their own charitable trusts as a kind of umbrella for their various patronages. The Prince Andrew Charitable Trust (or PACT) included his Pitch@Palace initiative as well as other charities.

Or at least it used to.

Andrew was caught by a charity watchdog group using the charity’s funds to pay almost half a million dollars to his former private secretary. He was forced to pay the money back–likely borrowing it from his mother, given that Andrew is famously cash-strapped.

Now PACT is winding down. The UK Charity Commission determined that Andrew broke the law by paying out that money to Amanda Thirsk. The charity will be shut down, and the funds distributed to other organizations.


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