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Queen Elizabeth at Royal Ascot

Royal Roundup: Meghan’s BFF Fired, the Queen’s Sad Isolation, and More

It’s been a busy few days for our favorite family! From a greatly reduced Trooping the Colour to the drama going down with Meghan’s best friend, Jessica Mulroney, we’ve got all the best gossip from Windsor and beyond.

Jessica Mulroney Fired in Racial Scandal

First, let’s talk about Jessica Mulroney, the Canadian lifestyle influencer and stylist who has been besties with Meghan since 2011. Although she’s not much of a gossip fixture in America, in Canada–specifically Toronto–she’s a Big Deal.

At least she was a big deal. Then a Black lifestyle blogger, Sasha Alexander, detailed Jessica’s racially charged harassment campaign against her. Brands dropped Jessica shortly afterward, and her reality show I Do Redo was cancelled by CTV.

Meghan has not yet made any kind of statement. It’s doubtful that she will, but we’ll be sure to update you if that changes!

Prince Andrew Demands ‘Olive Branch’ From US Investigators

Pressure is mounting for Prince Andrew to answer questions about his relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Last week, federal prosecutors filed an official request (using the mutual legal assistance treaty between the US and the UK) to essentially subpoena Andrew.

Since then, Andrew–or at least his camp–have issued excuses and denials, including claims that the Americans were being meant to him. The most recent is an “insider” quote in the Sunday Times that claimed Andrew was waiting for an apology–or perhaps assurances of immunity?–from the Department of Justice. He allegedly wants “some signal acknowledging there has been a significant breach of trust, and offering some kind of olive branch to rebuild trust.”

Queen Will Not Attend Royal Ascot

Until this year, Trooping the Colour has always been a massive spectacle. The Queen’s birthday observance includes a parade, an RAF flyover, and of course the annual gathering on the balcony of the entire Windsor clan. But because of the pandemic, this year featured only a small display of military drills by the guards stationed at Windsor Castle. The Queen watched by herself and then retired indoors.

She’ll be missing another favorite annual event this week, too. For the first time in 68 years, Elizabeth won’t attend Royal Ascot. The flashiest horse race in the world usually draws more than 300,000 spectators, including the British elite in fabulous hats. This year, Ascot will not permit any guests. The Queen will reportedly be watching the races on TV at Windsor Castle instead.

Royal biographer Andrew Morton believes that we are witnessing the end of Elizabeth’s reign. He thinks it is unlikely things will return to business as usual for the elderly monarch, who turned 94 in April. At her age, despite generally good health, it’s simply too risky to resume her Royal duties.


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