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Prince William and his three children

Royal Roundup: William’s Birthday, Plus Fallout from Meghan’s BFF Scandal

Welcome back, fellow Royal watchers! You might have missed a few key stories over the weekend, but don’t worry–we’ve always got you covered. From William’s birthday to the latest in the Jessica Mulroney scandal, here’s what you need to know about the Royal Family this week.

Harry and Meghan Want Their Own Lawyers

According to the Daily Mail, Harry and Meghan have moved to further cut themselves free of the Royal Family. The Windsors traditionally use Harbottle & Lewis for their legal needs. However, when the Sussexes decided to sue the Daily Mail’s parent company, they chose their own firm–Schillings.

This was a big deal at the time, since it indicated that Harry and Meghan either did not trust Harbottle & Lewis or did not believe the firm could win the case for them.

Now it’s more clear that Harry and Meghan want nothing to do with the lawyers that represent the rest of the Royal Family. They’ve chosen their own lawyers to work with Archewell, the charitable trust they’re currently working on.

The Sussexes will be working with Fieldfisher going forward. One courtier who spoke to the Mail explained that this move means “they have no intention of coming back.”

More Fallout for Meghan’s BFF Jessica Mulroney

Last week, we reported on the developing story of Jessica Mulroney, the Canadian socialite, influencer, and stylist who has been Meghan’s best friend since 2011. Jessica and her husband, Ben, attended the Sussexes’ wedding, and Jessica is godmother to baby Archie. They’re close with Harry and Meghan–or at least they were until Jessica’s behavior blew up in her face.

The short version of the story is that Jessica went after Sasha Exeter, a Black social media influencer, and threatened to destroy the other woman’s career. Sasha posted a video detailing the threats and harassment, which she believes were racially motivated. As a result, Jessica’s reality TV show was canceled and she lost multiple brand sponsorships.

Now her husband has been caught in the fallout, too. Ben Mulroney has decided to leave his role at Etalk, a popular entertainment talk show, in order to make room for more “diverse voices.” Ben is essentially the Canadian Ryan Seacrest, so this is a pretty big deal.

While he is reportedly still going to do some work at CTV, he has stepped aside from one of his most high-profile and long-running gigs.

William Celebrates Birthday with New Photos

Let’s end on a happier note, shall we? Prince William turned 38 this weekend, and Kate shared some candid photos of him with their children to mark the occasion.

Prince William with his three children
Twitter | @KensingtonRoyal

I can’t handle how adorable these kids are! Charlotte is absolutely going to be a handful when she grows up, and Louis already looks so big! Kate is a keen amateur photographer and took the portraits at their home in Norfolk.

Twitter picture of Cambridges with their dads
Twitter | @KensingtonRoyal

The Cambridges also released two special photos in honor of Father’s Day this weekend. On the left is, obviously, Charles and William. Are you supposed to think of the future King of England as adorable? Because these two are just too sweet. On the right is Kate with her father–look how much she resembles Charlotte!


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