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Sussex Watch: How Are Harry and Meghan Coping in Los Angeles?

How are everyone’s favorite duke and duchess these days? (Sorry, William and Kate!) Harry and Meghan are living in Los Angeles and, as far as we can tell, living their best lives. Or at least better lives than they were living in the UK. Here’s what they’ve been up to.

Royal Meals on Wheels

As we noted last week, the Sussexes are delivering meals for Project Angel Food. This charity is similar to Meals on Wheels, providing hot food to people who are housebound or otherwise not able to access meals for themselves.

It’s a little ridiculous that H&M are doing their route of 20 or so deliveries flanked by security in black SUVs. However, we have to give them kudos for doing more than just a Zoom call to support the causes they care about.

Meghan Will NOT Be Interviewed on ‘Good Morning America’

“Good Morning America” ran promos last week that heavily implied they had an exclusive interview with Duchess Meghan lined up for Monday morning. Unfortunately for all of us, that turned out to be an exaggeration.

Instead, GMA aired a pre-taped clip of Meghan promoting her Disney doc, “Elephant.” The clip was filmed last year (as in before she and Harry split from the Royal Family). For anyone who hoped to see Meghan talk about her personal life, GMA was unapologetic about the false advertising. Hope you enjoyed those clips of a documentary you can already watch on Disney+!

Honestly, we probably shouldn’t hold our collective breath on a tell-all interview. It’s quite possible that part of their agreement with The Firm is that they keep their mouths shut.

Harry Offers a Message of Hope–and Shade at the Media

While the GMA “interview” was a bit of a bait-and-switch, Harry did appear on the podcast “Declassified” this weekend. The prince discussed his volunteer work and being a combat veteran.

In addition, he said of the outpouring of support and volunteering amid the coronavirus pandemic, “I think things are better than we’re led to believe through certain corners of the media.”

While Harry’s remark appears to be throwing shade at tabloids and clickbait, some people are accusing him of not taking the pandemic seriously. In fact, a former advisor to the Prime Minister, Professor Karol Sikora, accused Harry of “deserting his country in its hour of need.”

Sussexes Declare ‘Zero Engagement’ Policy

Speaking of the tabloids, Harry and Meghan have announced that they have a “zero engagement” policy. This is regarding popular UK publications including The Sun, Daily Mail, Mirror, and Express.

In an open letter, the couple said they would no longer “offer themselves up as currency for an economy of clickbait and distortion.”

That means the Sussexes won’t respond to requests for comment from any tabloid.

As a reminder, Harry and Meghan are still rolling out two lawsuits against the Mail on Sunday and other publications.


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