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Notre Dame de Luxembourg Cathedral, a Roman Catholic cathedral in the southern part of Luxembourg

The Wealthiest Royals in Europe (Spoiler: The Queen Is NOT #1)

Although Britain’s House of Windsor is undoubtedly the most high-profile Royal Family in Europe, they aren’t the only ones. And it turns out that they’re not the richest, either! Read on to discover the net worth of the wealthiest Royals in Europe.

10. King Philippe of Belgium

King Philippe of Belgium just barely cracks the top 10 with an estimated net worth of $14 million. While that would be nothing to sneeze at for a private citizen, it’s not that impressive for the monarch of an entire nation.

9. King Felipe VI of Spain

If we were ranking the Royals on overall hotness, King Felipe VI of Spain and his wife, Queen Letizia, would be much higher on this list. However, the Spanish Royal Family is worth roughly $20 million, ranking them 9th among Europe’s monarchs.

8. King Harald V of Norway

Norway’s ruling family is estimated to be worth about $30 million. However, they cost their nation more than double that–making them a poor value for Norway’s citizens.

7. Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

One of Europe’s longest-reigning monarchs, Queen Margrethe II has ruled Denmark since 1972. Her net worth is estimated to be about $40 million.

6. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

Sweden’s House of Bernadotte made headlines this summer when they trimmed the Royal Family tree, demoting both of the King and Queen’s younger children and grandchildren. The family is estimated to have a net worth of $70 million, which includes one of Europe’s finest jewelry collections.

5. King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

The net worth of the Dutch Royals is estimated to be in the range of $200 million! Queen Beatrix abdicated in 2013, and the current ruler, King Willem-Alexander, has increased his personal fortune through savvy investments since ascending the throne.

4. Queen Elizabeth II of England

Although QEII is our favorite at Royally Devoted, she only ranks 4th among Europe’s Royals in terms of wealth. Her estimated net worth is between $530-600 million. Most of that wealth comes from the Crown Estate, which includes properties such as Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, as well as the Crown Jewels.

3. Prince Albert II of Monaco

We could devote an entire post to the mess that is the House of Grimaldi, but let’s stay focused on the money for now. Prince Albert II (the son of Prince Ranier and Grace Kelly) is worth an estimated $1 billion dollars!

2. Prince Hans Adam II of Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is one of those tiny countries that everyone forgets when memorizing the map of Europe. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in wealth. Prince Hans Adam II is worth an estimated $3.5 billion, mostly through the monarchy’s privately owned bank.

1. Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

The richest Royal Family in Europe doesn’t make a lot of international headlines. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, headed by HRH Grand Duke Henri, is worth an estimated $4 billion.

The heirs to all that wealth, Prince Guillaume and Princess Stephanie, just announced that they were expecting their first child earlier this month. That’s one lucky baby!


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