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What Summer is Like With The Royal Family

Summer is all about sunshine, spending time outdoors, and bonding with your family. But when you’re a royal, it changes a whole lot. It’s less community pool and BBQ, and more charity events and polo matches. This summer, however, is expected to be different.

There’s no word when the Queen will come out of her isolation due to COVID-19, and honestly? We can’t blame her, either. While she doesn’t have any major underlying health conditions, she isn’t a spring chicken, and contracting COVID could be fatal.

Speculation has it that Meghan and Harry will visit the Queen this summer with the baby, but it’s unclear what restrictions they will face before seeing her. Will the Queen make them quarantine for 14 days after they fly? Send a private plane? Who knows.

One thing is for sure: Summer Pudding is certainly on the menu. Summer pudding is an old fashioned, dairy-free dessert that showcases the freshest and best fruit in the UK, and it’s made regularly in the royal palace to embrace the seasonal changes.


Mary Newman

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