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Why Was Prince William’s Coronavirus Diagnosis Kept a Secret?

When Prince William tested positive for the coronavirus this spring, the public was kept unaware—but why? And Prince William wasn’t the only member of the royal family to test positive.

Prince William Tested Positive for COVID-19 Back in April

It was as far back as April when Prince William tested positive for the coronavirus, but he decided to keep the news a secret from the public. Apparently, he was “knocked” hard by the virus, according to The Sun, and his father, Prince Charles, contracted the virus shortly before then.

The main reason they decided not to share the news? Prince William didn’t want the public to be even more concerned about him also falling ill.

While William was sick, he was attended to by royal doctors at Anmer Hall, his country home. He remained quarantined there during the early weeks of the pandemic, and didn’t need to visit the hospital. His wife, Kate Middleton, and their three children did not contract the illness.

Prince Charles reportedly only experienced mild symptoms, but Prince William was “hit pretty hard.”

“At one stage he was struggling to breathe, so obviously everyone around him was pretty panicked,” said The Sun’s source.

Not the First Time the Royal Palace Kept the Public Unaware

Prince William’s coronavirus diagnosis isn’t the first news that the royal family decided not to share with the public. For example, in 2018, Queen Elizabeth underwent a planned cataract surgery and that news wasn’t shared until a month later.

There was one clue about William’s condition, however. William continued with his official engagements in early April as the coronavirus was starting to grip the UK, but he mysteriously vanished between April 9 to the 16.

His diagnosis reportedly appeared just a few weeks after he made a joke about spreading the virus while he was touring Ireland in March with Kate.

Who Would Be Next in Line as Monarch?

In the current world that’s plagued by a pandemic, you might wonder what would happen in the unlikely event that Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Prince William lost their lives. Technically, Prince George would be next in line, but what would happen if such a tragedy happened before George turned 18 years old?

In such an event, a regent would need to rule in his place. The Regency Acts dictates that the person next in line to the throne who is over 21 years of age would serve as regent. And who is next in line to George who fits that definition? None other than his uncle Prince Harry.

While it’s true that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from their roles earlier this year, Harry would still be next in line, followed by Prince Andrew—and then Princess Beatrice.


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