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William and Kate calling bingo

William and Kate Treat Nursing Home Residents to Bingo Night

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge hosted a virtual bingo night for patients and nurses at a Welsh nursing home this week. The latest in a string of successful Zoom calls and videos by the couple is part of their larger plan to thank care workers throughout the UK.

Bingo Hour with William and Kate

Question: Do you think the Cambridges already had a bingo machine at home? Or did they buy it special for this event?

In either case, the Cambridges visited with the staff and residents of Shire Hall, a care home in Cardiff, Wales. William asked how the caregivers were holding up and joked that Welsh people always knew how to have fun in even the most trying circumstances. The couple were clearly having fun as they called the numbers.

Relaxed and Funny Royals

All smiles, they chatted with a few of the seniors at the care home. It’s worth pointing out once again that William and Kate are so much more relaxed in this kind of setting.

Although William has been in the public eye his entire life, Kate has struggled at times with the scrutiny and pressure associated with being the future Queen (or perhaps Queen Consort) of England. At home in Amner Hall, however, they clearly feel more at ease.

Kate even quipped, “Six and two, tickety-boo” as she called out a 62. After the game, they asked the care home residents how it went–and one of them said it “wasn’t as good as it should have been.” BURN!

In case you are curious, Kate wore an LK Bennett dress, which she first sported at a Polo match last year.

Why Does William Call Her ‘Catherine’?

You might have noticed that Prince William always calls his wife “Catherine” in videos and speeches. That’s because members of the Royal Family are not allowed to be referred to by nicknames or diminutives. At least not in public.

Officially, Kate is “Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.” However, she grew up as Kate Middleton and that’s the name most of us got used to during their courtship and marriage. We might still call her Kate on this site, but she’s Catherine in official communications from Buckingham Palace.

The Queen is rumored to have several nicknames herself. Her father and sister called her Lilibet, which is just too adorable. And we’ve heard that her husband, Prince Philip, calls her Cabbage. That’s… less cute but still weirdly charming.


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